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The Basics of Roulette
Betting Layout
Roulette Strategy



Wild Casino is the place to be if you want to play Roulette.

You’ll find over a half dozen different versions of video roulette including European Roulette and American Roulette. For even more action head over to the Wild Casino live casino and enjoy playing American and European Roulette with our industry leading team of professional dealers!

It can be difficult to find a roulette game at a land-based casino and particularly at a smaller property.

It requires bulky, space consuming equipment and is one of the most labor intensive of all casino games to operate. For this reason, you’ll often find the roulette table inactive most of the time with play reserved for busy weekend nights. Even at big casinos that are always busy you won’t find much variety in terms of the game offerings and more often than not only one roulette wheel will be available.

Although there is definitely something unique about the vibe of a physical roulette wheel this is a game where the online player definitely has it better than his land-based counterpart. Online roulette renders size and labor requirements a non-issue. This allows online casinos to offer multiple game variations with a variety of rules and unique features and you can play right on your fingerprints from the comfort of your own home.


The Basics of Roulette

Most people have a good idea of the basic concept of roulette. The focal point of the game is a wheel with 36 red and black slots numbered from 1 to 36. In addition, there is one or two green slots marked with a zero. The number of zeroes depends on the rule set in play with ‘single zero’ roulette often called ‘European roulette’ and the ‘double zero’ wheel called ‘American roulette’.

Oddly enough, these geographic designations no longer apply and you’re just as likely to find double zero ‘American roulette’ in in Europe as you are at a casino in Las Vegas. The difference between having one or two zeroes isn’t just cosmetic—the two zero wheel has a higher ‘house edge’ built in (5.26%) than does the single zero version (2.7%).

There are online variations that change these fundamental dynamics by including more numbers, bonus multipliers and many other perks facilitated by digital technology.


Betting Layout

In addition to the roulette online, the other important component of the game is the betting layout.

The main part of the layout consists of numbers from zero to 36 colored to correspond with the numbers on the roulette wheel. There are also betting areas around the number grid that allow players to bet on groups of numbers such as odd or even, red or black, 1-18 or 19-36 and a number of other wagers. The basic bets on the individual numbers are called ‘inside bets’ while a wager on one of the other areas are called ‘outside bets’. The more numbers that a bet covers the more likely it is to win meaning the lower the payout.

Roulette betting can be very complex beyond the basic wagers but an advantage to playing online roulette at Wild Casino is that the software takes care of all of this making the game much more intuitive. The simplest bet is the single number bet which will pay 35 to 1 if it hits. The outside group bets such as even/odd, red/black or high/low all pay out at even money.


Roulette Strategy  

Due to the nature of the game there’s no way to overcome the house edge in the long term. That means that while roulette is an extremely fun game it’s not a game where you can expect consistent profits. There’s no way for the player to manipulate where the ball will land. There’s also no reason to track the numbers that have been hit previously.

Every spin of the wheel is an independent event and there’s no correlation whatsoever between the outcome of a previous spin and the outcome of a future spin. Obviously, some bets are more likely to hit than others but that’s why some pay out at higher odds than others.

A good deal of ‘roulette strategy’ is a function of your preferred play style and comfort with risk.

If you want to play for a long time hoping to grind out a small profit, you should focus on the bets paying at even money or low single digit odds. If you’re looking to maximize your potential winnings and don’t care if you lose your stake quickly you can focus on the higher paying single number wagers.


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