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How can I open an account?

Welcome to the Wild Casino family! If you’re ready to open an account with us, follow this easy tutorial.


How can I deposit?

Here at Wild Casino we offer one of the largest selections of deposit options in the industry. Our most recommended method is Bitcoin, and you can learn all about placing a deposit here


Is my money safe with you?

At Wild Casino, all customer deposits are held in an insured escrow account, either in cash or cash equivalents. Your deposit is fully secured and available for withdrawal on a daily basis, with prompt payouts within 24-48 hours. All online transactions are coded and encrypted for your protection.


Can I change my username?

Your username is your account number, which is unique and generated when your first sign up. It cannot be changed.


What are your hours of operation?

Wild Casino is open for online wagering 24/7, 365 days a year. Account Management is also available 24/7 to ensure maximum support for our clients.


If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Team and we will be happy to help you. 

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